Our Collections

Designs Shaped
By Unique Stories

Step into the enchanting world of our curated collections, where every piece of jewellery transcends mere adornment. Inspired by themes that resonate with the heart and soul, our designs are crafted to tell stories that transcend time and trends. Each collection weaves together elements of artistry, heritage, and imagination. By entwining stories into our creations, we forge an intimate bond between the wearer and the jewellery, transforming each piece into a deeply personal expression of the wearer’s unique journey.

Petits Chéris

Whimsy meets style in our charming children’s collection, PETITS CHÉRIS! Each piece, adorned with delightful motifs of animals, angels, and emoticons, is lovingly crafted to capture the pure joy and innocence of childhood. From enchanting pendants to playful earrings and bracelets, the collection delivers the perfect blend of magic and playful elegance, making it the ideal choice for little darlings taking their first step into the world of glamour.

True Heart

In a tribute to the enduring symbol of love, our TRUE HEART collection symbolizes connections with loved ones or self-love journeys. Seamlessly blending timeless symbolism with modern allure, our designers breathe new life into the beloved heart shape. Each piece, adorned with diamonds or gemstones,radiates an eternal sparkle, embodying the profound and everlasting bond of love in every facet.


We celebrate understated vivacity with our collection GEMMETRIE. Crafted for the modern woman, these gold treasures seamlessly blend everyday elegance with a burst of vibrant gemstone hues. The collection unveils a mesmerizing array of minimalist geometric silhouettes, delicately overlaid with hexagonal lattice patterns. Much like the multi-faceted women it adorns, each piece in GEMMETRIE mirrors a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, and stories.