Passion Jewels was formed in 2001, with a basic goal to develop Diamond Jewellery for the European market from our factories in Seepz, Mumbai(India) and Hong Kong. With our office strategically located in the global diamond hub of Antwerp, Belgium.we centra-lize our services to clients all across Europe.Our competitive price structure offers a unique opportunity to wholesalers and multiple retail chains to work with the economical yet very efficient labour forces in India and the Far East.

With a brilliant combination of contemporary designs and traditional craftsmanship,Passion Jewels has created a range of exclusive jewellery that is becoming a fashion statement across European countries like Germany,Italy and Spain. The 4 C's of our company are Consistency, Client service, Collaboration and Confidence. In order to offer a wide range of opportunities to our clients, we carry a whole selection of rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in Gold (9kt, 14kt and 18kt) and Platinum Diamond Jewellery. We offer one of the most consistent and stable prices in Diamond Jewellery due to our very close relations to all major manufacturers of diamonds in India.

We are open to proposals and collaborations from Jewellery wholesalers and retail chains across Europe.Our Target markets are Germany, France, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.